Contemporary Classicism | Alfredo Palmero

If there is one word that exemplifies the art of Alfredo Palmero, it is duality. The third generation in a lineage of artists that began with his grandfather, he has been the host of exhibitions in European cultural centers, including Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao, Valencia, Brussels, London, Lisbon, and Montecarlo, since 1991. 

Barcelona is of particular importance to Palmero as the present location of his studio. Therefore, Barcelona is where he can explore and escape from the present to other worlds through his artwork. Due to this exploration being through the lens of childlike play, the subjects of Palmero’s paintings move between the real and imaginary, allowing the viewer to do the same. Additionally, his work often takes form in a series of artworks with a singular focus, allowing him to engage with the characters and subjects of these works more fully. 

Furthermore, the motivation behind Palmero’s work itself is binary as he draws inspiration from both the old masters and modern greats. Old masters including Velazquez, Goya, and Rembrandt are sources of inspiration. Additionally, Pablo Picasso’s quote “I feel I have more than one painter in my body,” is a source of modern inspiration as this is how Palmero feels during the creation of his artwork as well. His blending of the real and imaginary, the past and present, and the traditional and modern have led Palmero to be considered one of the most interesting contemporary Spanish painters. As a result, Palmero’s paintings can be found all over the world and are featured in prominent private collections, including that of King Juan Carlos of Spain and the Duchess of Albe de Tornes, Grandee of Spain.

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