Welcome to Lily Pad Gallery West's First Winter Studio Series!


Lily Pad Gallery West is proud to present our first annual Winter Studio Series! As we continue to weather the Covid-19 pandemic, our artists have been hard at work painting up a snowstorm in their studios. As we enter the holiday season, we would like to invite you on a virtual field trip, where you may enter a selection of our artists' studios virtually, getting a sneak peak at some of the most recent paintings and sculptures they have been working on. As you scroll through this virtual event, we hope you enjoy seeing the spaces our artists work in, and that you enjoy the new work they have curated to share with you!

To view more details about the works below and/or to purchase, click on the image of the work you are interested in and it will take you to our Artsy page, where there will more details and pricing. Alternatively, if you would like to view all works from this event for sale on our Artsy page, you may click here!

All works included in this event will only be available virtually, and will only be available for the duration of this event- catch them while you can!

Thank you for visiting Lily Pad Gallery West's Winter Studio Series!


Winter Studio Series Dates:
November 27th, 2020 - December 31st, 2020
(Black Friday through New Year's Eve)

(Please note that this virtual event is best experienced on a desktop computer)

Wave | Oil on Canvas | 44 x 84"
Walk In | Oil on Canvas | 51 x 43"
Beach | Oil on Canvas | 26 x 50"
Beetlecat | Oil on Canvas | 36 x 46"
Flag | Oil on Canvas | 48 x 80"
Clammers | Oil on Canvas | 50 x 60"

Peter Layne Arguimbau

Peter Layne Arguimbau paints in a specifically designed north light studio with shutters to direct the light source, modeled after the studios of the Dutch Masters. A light effect painter, Arguimbau grinds his own pigments from dry powders and cooks oil-resinous mediums to create paintings with deep, luminous transparencies, giving his work a true, old world quality. While Arguimbau paints a variety of subject matter including landscapes and animals, he specializes in powerful marinescapes featuring classic yachts.

Momenti Turchese | Oil/Cold Wax on Panel | 16 x 32" (diptych)
Questo o Quello | Acrylic/Collage on Panel | 30 x 60" (diptych)
Frammenti Strati | Oil/Cold Wax on Panel | 36 x 48" (diptych)
Adante e Ritorno | Oil/Cold Wax on Panel | 40 x 30"
Passagio Silenzioso | Oil/Mixed Media on Panel | 40 x 60" (diptych)

Allison B. Cooke

Born in Midwest City, Oklahoma, Allison B. Cooke spent most of her childhood living on the East Coast before moving to Wisconsin in 1970. Cooke earned her BS in Art Education from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and MFA in Drawing and Painting from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. A teacher in her own right, Cooke taught at the university level for thirty years, and for the past decade has taken a group of students to the Santa Reparata International School of Art in Italy each summer, where she teaches an intensive four-week course in Renaissance painting techniques.

Mediterranean Nights | Oil on Panel | 32 x 43"
Provence Revisited | Oil on Panel | 39 x 43"
Northern Harbor Night | Oil on Panel | 24 x 47"
The Proud Tower | Oil on Panel | 43 x 32"
The Roaring Twenties | Oil on Panel | 32 x 39"

Ton Dubbeldam

Born in the small town of Shoonhoven, Holland, in 1957, artist Ton Dubbeldam spent his childhood visiting Paris and the French countryside, where he was inspired by Impressionist masters like Van Gogh, Degas, Monet, and Klimt. Dubbeldam combines his iconic horizon lines (either very high or very low) with a repousser light effect to create breathtaking depth in his works. Dubbeldam currently resides in the Netherlands with his family.

Times Square Interlude | Oil on Panel | 18 x 18"
August Reflecting Blue | Oil on Dibond | 36 x 36"
Summer Stream | Oil on Brushed Silver Dibond | 24 x 36"
Lily Varieties | Oil on Brushed Silver Dibond | 24 x 24"

David Dunlop

Connecticut-based artist David Dunlop draws from decades of studying 17th Century Dutch and Italian masters in his breathtaking oil on aluminum works. Blending old world painting methods with contemporary subjects and materials, the resulting compositions show a modern vision structured with masterful technique.

Time to Play? | Bronze | 25 x 12 x 12"
Peace and Grace | Bronze | 46 x 20 x 11" (each)
Skimming the Treetops | Bronze | 17 x 15 x 14"

Catherine K. Ferrell

Catherine K. Ferrell is an expressionistic sculptor who uses a variety of materials including stone, bronze, and precious metals in very limited editions. Ferrell's interest in art began in grade school at Delray Beach, and she has maintained a keen sensitivity to nature, currently residing on an island between the Atlantic Ocean and Florida's Intracoastal Waterway.

Summer Dreams | Oil | 36 x 30"
Reformulating Spaces of Freedom | Mixed Media on Canvas | 24 x 24"
Tree of Wishes and Peace | Oil | 60 x 36"
Musical Fantasy | Oil | 48 x 48"
Tree of Foggy Dreams | Oil | 75 x 37"

Guido Garaycochea

Born in Lima, Peru, in 1961, Guido Garaycochea studied at the Escuela Nacional Superior de Bellas Artes del Peru before moving to Chile in 1992 to further study art and teach. Garaycochea's work is an abstraction of dire and lost dreams, using textured layers to create a sense of motion. The works are contextualized in rich history, experiences, and acknowledgement of issues past and present.

Cathedral | Oil | 18 x 14"
Yellow Restaurant | Oil | 16 x 20"
White Roses | Oil | 18 x 14"
Paint Study | Oil | 8 x 10"
Red Roses | Oil | 18 x 14"

Stacy Kamin

Stacy Kamin has lived a life any aspiring artist would envy. Providence brought her into the world with a mother, artist Jacqueline Kamin, who nurtured Stacy's interest in drawing and painting every step of the way. Stacy began her instruction in art at a young age, taking classes at the National Gallery, and always knew that she had to be an artist. Kamin earned her BA from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA, in 2000, later studied under well-respected Chinese artist, Shuqiao Zhou, for six years, and credits the startling light effects she achieves in her paintings today to her study under artists David A Leffel and Sherrie McGraw.

Crashing Waves | Oil | 24 x 36"
Pink Skies | Oil | 24 x 36"
Ships Docking | Oil | 24 x 30"
New York | Oil | 24 x 30"
In the Forest | Oil | 24 x 30"

Hagop Keledjian

Hagop Keledjian was born in Yerevan, Armenia, where his vocation as a painter affirmed itself at the young age of twelve, as he entered the School of Painting for Young Artists. Upon graduation from college, Keledjian was accepted into the Aprahamian Art Studio, where he learned his technique. Keledjian, being free spirited and in search of his own artistic identity, found himself intellectually and morally in conflict with the academic and political pressures of communist society. In 1981, with his family, Keledjian immigrated to the U.S. and settled in Massachusetts. He continues to live and work in Waterton, Massachusetts.

Mimseys Vase | Oil on Canvas | 24 x 32"
Grand Finale | Oil on Canvas | 12 x 16"
Peonies and Ranunculus | Oil on Canvas | 18 x 24"

Jean Lightman

Jean Lightman is best known for her vibrant, award-winning floral still life paintings that can be found in private collections in the US and abroad. Working in the Boston School tradition, her work combines the color and light of the French Impressionists with the accurate drawings of the 19th Century European Academies. She delights in arranging dynamic still life compositions that suggest movement in the flowers and emphasize the delicate forms and subtle color shifts in the petals. Her goal is a finished painting in which all of the parts relate to the whole, giving her work unity and breadth, the hallmarks of the Boston School painting tradition.

Lightman currently serves as the first woman president of the prestigious Guild of Boston Artists, a 106 year-old
fine art gallery on Newbury Street in Boston’s Back Bay. She has given numerous public lectures about Boston School painting, the most notable to Google that has received over 2700 views on YouTube. She has twice appeared on WCVB's Chronicle.

Fading Glimmer | Oil on Linen | 6 x 8"
Autumn's Ending | Oil on Linen | 12 x 16"
Silent Marsh | Oil on Linen | 6 x 8"
Early Thaw | Oil on Linen | 18 x 24"
October Silence | Oil on Linen | 12 x 16"

John MacDonald

John MacDonald attended Washington University in St. Louis, where he received a B.F.A. in 1979. Following college, he attended a four month intensive printmaking workshop at the Institute for American Universities in Avignon, France. Returning to the States, he received an M.A. degree in drawing and painting from Purdue University in 1982. For nearly twenty years, MacDonald worked as both a full-time freelance illustrator and landscape painter. Since the late 2000's, he has been painting full time.

Waiting | Oil | 25 x 18"
Textures | Oil | 24 x 24"
Anticipation | Oil | 16 x 12"

Dan McCaw

Dan McCaw is a well-known and highly respected contemporary impressionist from Seattle, Washington. McCaw is known for his city scenes, interiors, and still-life paintings. Born in an old mining town, McCaw began sketching and drawing at an early age. He started his formal education in art with a scholarship from the San Francisco Academy of Art in California. After 15 years as an instructor at the Art Center College for Design in Pasadena, California, McCaw decided to devote himself fully to his own art. Over 20 years later, McCaw continues to explore his expression through art, and currently lives in Los Angeles, California, with his wife, Stacey.

Room with a View | Oil | 14 x 11"
The Fire Within | Oil | 36 x 30"
Bloom | Oil | 24 x 18"
Grooves | Oil | 40 x 30"
Drawbridge | Oil | 36 x 30"

John McCaw

John McCaw is the eldest son of American expressionist Dan McCaw, and brother to artist Danny McCaw. John McCaw has taken a path that is not limited by subject matter but is liberated by the endless tap of emotional resources. Spontaneity and instinct play a major role in the development and physicality of McCaw's art. The emphasis on strong design, simple shapes, variety of surfaces and sensitive color has enabled him to create a well-balanced, visually stimulating art that encourages the viewer to look for answers within themselves. Whether it's an emotional connection or a visual attraction, McCaw endeavors to create an art that most accurately represents the purity of a unique experience.

St. Romans West Side | Oil | 7.25 x 19"
Lane in the Cevennes 15 | Oil | 8.25 x 12"
Houses on a Hill (Torre del Compte) | Oil | 6 x 13"
Narrow Passage (Valderobres) | Oil | 9 x 5.5"
Rue des Capucins (Uzes) | Oil | 12 x 6"

Andy Newman

Andy Newman was a lawyer in Washington, D.C. for over 15 years before becoming a professional artist at the age of 36. Newman began as a hobbyist painter when he was given a set of painting tools as a gift from a friend. Before long, he decided, "I much more enjoy painting than I do trooping to the office every day." He creates work primarily using oil, but also in pastels, acrylics, and colored pencils. His specialties are landscapes, abstracts, and figures, often combining them in striking and creative ways.

Vertical Dappled | Acrylic on Wood Panel | 30 x 21"
Lovers | Oil | 36 x 24"
Montauk Sparkle | Watercolor | 16 x 20"
River Through the Trees | Oil on Linen | 28 x 44"
Walking in the Rain with You | Watercolor | 16 x 20"

Michael Patterson

Born into a family of painters, Michael Patterson was born in Hudson, New York, in 1953. Patterson graduated from Suny Purchase with honors, studying printmaking, painting, and sculpture. Patterson has been traveling and painting for over 35 years, finding inspiration wherever he goes. Having lived in France for several years, he has shown his work throughout Europe as well as the United States. Patterson draws inspiration from city streets, people at the beach, people playing music, and general human expression.

No League of Her Own | Oil | 24 x 20"
Walking Into Winter | Oil on Canvas | 9 x 12
Morning Thoughts | Oil | 24 x 30"
Winter From My Studio | Oil on Canvas | 18 x 30
The Reader | Oil | 24 x 20"

Christopher Pierce

Christopher Pierce is nationally recognized for his figurative, floral, and portrait paintings. His work is about a certain realness of life, a subtle romance and a sense of awareness that the viewer can relate to immediately. Pierce continues to attract interest for his deliberate and exquisite style of artistry. He has been elected to the internationally known National Arts Club in New York City, and is also a member of the prestigious Salmagundi Club. Pierce paints in his upstate studio in Shushan, New York.

Summer Fishing | Oil on Linen | 24 x 30"
River Reflections | Oil on Linen | 10 x 20"
Floral Still Life | Oil on Linen | 24 x 20"
Primavera | Oil on Linen | 30 x 24"
Valley Farm | Oil on Linen | 24 x 30"

George Van Hook

George Van Hook is an American impressionistic painter born in Abington, PA. Van Hook studied at Oberlin College in Ohio, and later received his B.A. in art from Humboldt State University in California. Inspired by 20th century California impressionists and artists like John Singer Sargent, Van Hook paints "en-plein-air," capturing experiences and sensations- what cameras can often miss.


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