Steve Gerhartz


Steve Gerhartz

Both an artist and nature enthusiast, Steve Gerhartz's passion shows in his life and his work. Beginning to paint landscapes in the mid 1980's in high school during a November snow squall with his brother, Gerhartz went on to attend the Lyme Academy in Connecticut. Due to its location in New England, the local museums showcasing the early American and European impressionists were a great inspiration to Gerhartz. He was awarded the John Stobart Outdoor Painting Fellowship shortly after his formal training. Inspired by the natural beauty, quality of light, and ever-changing conditions of the landscapes around him, Gerhartz paints on location on pieces of all sizes. Due to an interest in woodworking, he also creates many of his own frames.

The outdoors provide the opportunity to reflect and create, bringing the beauty of nature into others' homes. The works act as a window into a beautifully captured moment in time that offers the chance for reflection, growth, and understanding. Aside from painting, Gerhartz spends time with his wife, Sherry, and their three sons. An artist, father, and outdoorsman, Gerhartz continues to be active around the Midwest and the Northeast.

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Steve Gerhartz creates landscape paintings of the countryside around his Wisconsin home, impressing upon the viewer his love for nature in all of its serene beauty. Both an artist and nature enthusiast, Steve Gerhartz's passion shows in his life and...
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