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When you’re new to art collecting, the art world can feel big, intimidating, and unapproachable. You see experienced collectors with incredible collections, and you ask yourself, “How can I reach that level?” Remember, all established collectors had to start somewhere. 


Throughout Lily Pad Gallery’s New Collector Series, participants will gain the skills and tools necessary to dive into the world of art collecting. Whether you have questions about who to connect with, how to prepare for your first big purchase, or how to maintain your collection once you have it, we have answers for you. 


We invite you to join us for eight unique sessions throughout 2023 to hear from professionals in the art world, to learn about a range of topics, and to mingle with other like-minded New Collectors. 


In addition to these educational sessions, Lily Pad Gallery will sponsor each participant with a $75 gallery credit for each session they attend (up to a $600 value), awarded at the end of the year to help kick-off your art collecting journey. 

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Lily Pad | West
215 N Broadway
Milwaukee, WI 53202


Saturday, February 11th
Finding Your Taste | 5pm - 8pm

Saturday, April 15th
On Location (EXPO Chicago) | 7:45am - open
(note: off-site)

Saturday, May 27th
For What It's Worth | 5pm - 8pm

Saturday, June 17th
Choosing the Right Piece of Art | 5pm - 8pm

Saturday, August 12th
On Location (Museum of Wisconsin Art) | 10am - 5pm
(note: off-site)

Saturday, September 23rd
Caring for Your Art Collection | 5pm - 8pm

Saturday, November 18th
Collaborating with Your Art Collection | 5pm - 8pm

Saturday, December 16th
Collector Thank You Night | 5pm - 9pm



Finding Your Taste (Where to Begin?)
Saturday, February 11th | 5pm - 8pm
Art is overwhelming—so many genres, so many styles, so many options—how do you figure out what you even like? In this session, participants will hear from experienced collectors about how they got started, and how they found their taste.
Guest Speakers:
Mike Flanagan, retired director of the Crossman Gallery at UW-Whitewater, Board Member at Walker's Point Center for the Arts, and lifelong art collector.
Dan & Lynn Tarrence;
Lynn is a retired interior designer and the couple are a lifelong art enthusiasts and collectors.
Larry & Lessa Scherrer; lifelong art enthusiasts and collectors.


On Location: EXPO Chicago
Saturday, April 15th | 7:45am - open (off-site)
At its core, collecting art revolves around looking at art. To become a great collector, you need to look at a lot of art. For this session, Lily Pad will be taking you off-site to visit EXPO Chicago, the International Exposition of Contemporary Art, which will host more than 140 leading international exhibitors at Navy Pier in its 2023 rendition. We will meet at Intermodal Station at 7:45am to head down to Chicago as a group, and then you will have the opportunity to craft your day at the fair as you'd like.
(Note: there is a registration fee of $100 for this session, which covers your round-trip Amtrak train ticket and a glass of champagne to enjoy at the fair)


For What It's Worth (The Economics of Collecting Art)
Saturday, May 27th | 5pm - 8pm
"Why does that cost so much?" Fine art is expensive. Each piece is unique and handcrafted, the result of 20, 30, for 40 years of training and practice (or longer). But where does the number on the wall tag come from? Is it really worth the money? In this session, topics such as pricing, auction records, and appraisals will be covered, as well as how to track the value of your art collection as it grows. Hear from an experienced auctioneer about how art is valued and how the auction process works!
Guest Speakers: Sara Mulloy, Business Development Director at Hindman Auctions. Sara has been with HIndman for 12 years and has a wealth of auction experience.


Choosing the Right Piece of Art (Interior Design and the Bottom Line)
Saturday, June 17th | 5pm - 8pm
You have your spot picked out, budget set, a couple of pieces in mind... how do you decide which piece of art is the right one? In this session, collectors are given advice on how to choose the right size, color palette, or frame style of artwork for different spaces. Hear from a professional interior designer on how to make the art work for your space, or how to make your space work for the art.
Guest Speaker: José Carlino has over 30 years of experience as an interior storyteller.  After moving from New York City to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, José founded his own firm to elevate his passion of interior design. Visit José's website: here.
Suzan Wemlinger, principal interior designer and creative director of Suzan J. Designs, partners extensively with local artisans, craftsmen and architects to ensure that every aspect of the client’s needs are met, and the design is truly one of a kind. Visit Suzan's website: here.


On Location: Museum of Wisconsin Art
Saturday, August 12th | 10am - 5pm (off-site)
There is no better place to look for and learn about art than right at home. We are fortunate in Wisconsin to have a rich history of historical and contemporary art, housed in the world-class Museum of Wisconsin Art. For this session, Lily Pad will be taking you off-site to visit this museum's collection located in downtown West Bend. Participants will be treated to a guided tour of the galleries. We will meet up at the museum in West Bend at 10:00am.
Guest Speakers: TBD


Caring for Your Art Collection (Storing, Cleaning, Repairing Paintings)
Saturday, September 23rd | 5pm - 8pm
Preservation of the objects you collect is a vital aspect of art collecting and should not be overlooked. In this session, a professional fine art conservator will teach you how to properly handle, transport, and store your artwork to prevent damage from occurring. This session will also address the importance of maintaining records for your artworks, how to fix common mistakes such as a scratched frame or loose canvas, and when you should call you conservator for a professional service.
Guest Speaker: Kelsey Soya, Lily Pad Gallery's manager of conservation.


Collaborating with Your Art Collection (Investing in the Artist, Not Just the Artwork)
Saturday, November 18th | 5pm - 8pm
What separates an art collector from someone who just buys art? In this session, learn about how art collecting is a symbiotic relationship between you and the artists you choose to collect. Talk to the artists, go to their shows, become an advocate for their work and see how your actions can impact their careers, as well as the value of your collection.
Guest Speaker: TBD


Collector Thank You Night (Invite-Only)
Saturday, December 16th | 5pm - 9pm
Join us for an end-of-the-year celebration. Lily Pad welcomes all who have attended at least one of our previous New Collector sessions to celebrate the past year, share good food and conversation, and to mingle with other collectors and artists. Receive a special gift from the gallery, as well as a gift certificate with the credit you earned through attending previous New Collector sessions.
Guest Speaker: Alan Perlstein, Owner/CEO Lily Pad Galleries


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