Leslie Emery


Leslie Emery

Following in her mother's artistic footsteps, Leslie Emery began pursuing art at a young age, and can now be found in top art shows happening across the country, exhibiting her luminous abstract pieces. Having a background in abstract watercolor painting, Emery has evolved her practice and now creates reverse paintings by applying acrylic on acrylic sheets. She always used plexiglas to lay her paints and brushes on, until one day she saw the by-product of her preparation and discovered a new technique.

Emery began building up layers of paint gradually, creating incredible colors and textural effects. Much like a frozen liquid would perform on glass, the image retains a quality of appearing wet on the surface. Emery compares the way her paintings evolve to improvising music: "I have a vocabulary of colors that I like to use. I have been painting for a long time, so I know what these colors do with one another- how they blend, the sort of melodies that are created with color. The process of painting for me is sort of the way a tree would grow- there are always these little branches, and I end up being able to make the work I do because it builds on itself."

Emery continues to find inspiration throughout the years of her artistic endeavors, finding new visions for future works, following her most recent painting. She describes her process as an artistic routine where you "keep building on what you've already done. It's a very intimate, personal dialog I have with my materials, and it keeps it really interesting all the time in the abstract format of color and line, motion and balance, composition and form." Leslie lives in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, where her studio, Emery Art, is located downtown.

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