Larry Preston


Larry Preston

Larry Preston was born in Worchester, Massachusetts. Preston spent most of his teenage years at the Worchester Art Museum, viewing Flemish still life paintings. He began imitating works that inspired him, ultimately arriving at the techniques he uses today. Preston was also a talented musician. However, after 25 successful years in the music business, he decided to return to painting.

Preston has experimented with many styles, including abstract and surrealism, though still lifes and landscapes became his main focus. The beauty of everyday objects as well as pastoral scenes around his western Massachusetts home inspires Preston's still lifes and landscape paintings.

Preston's work has won several awards from reputable publishers such as The Artists Magazine and The Art Calendar. He has also been a featured artist in American Artist Magazine (2005), and American Artist Art Collector (2007, 2009, 2011 and 2013).

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