Dennis Sheehan


Dennis Sheehan

Dennis Sheehan received his artistic training in the best traditions of the Boston School. With a meticulous emphasis on light and dark values, his fine technique results in paintings reminiscent of the French Barbizon School. Like the nineteenth century predecessor, George Inness, Sheehan is interested in capturing the subtle tone and color harmonies of light during nature's transitional moments. With thickly pigmented surfaces, Sheehan's paintings are highly atmospheric impressions of the historic landscape.

Sheehan's work can be found in numerous private collections including The White House. Born in 1950 in Boston, Massachusetts, Sheehan currently lives and works in Manchester, New Hampshire.

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Dennis Sheehan

Dennis Sheehan was born in Boston in 1950, has works in major public & private collections, including the White House. Sheehan paints in the Barbizon mode with remarkable authority & faithful adherence to his 19th-century precursors. In the tradition of...

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