Daniel Ambrose


Daniel Ambrose

Daniel Ambrose was born in a small coastal community in Florida and raised in a house his father built on a rural dirt road. In a time before air conditioning, internet and cell phones, Ambrose read adventure stories and roamed the seashore and exotic backwoods of Florida. Those daily childhood excursions nourished his imagination, igniting a lifelong passion to express the  miraculous beauty of nature in his paintings. Absent formal art training, Ambrose’s evolution to the masterful artist he is today emerged from a spiritual path and passion to share his deep reverence of the natural world.

Ambrose paints in the ancient medium of egg tempera. Discovering a book in a vintage bookstore written by a 15th-century Italian painter, he taught himself the Renaissance technique of the Old Masters. For two years, working in solitude in an old pinewood studio on the bank of the Tomoka River, he developed his unique style, valued by fine art collectors worldwide.

Egg tempera requires a slow, meditative process. Ambrose makes his own paint from natural earth pigments and egg yolk. His technique incorporates weaving hundreds of translucent layers of paint into a rich tapestry of subtle hues, imparting to his serene paintings an inspiring ethereal luminosity seldom attained by contemporary artists.

Throughout his career, Ambrose has won acclaim for his work, and his paintings reside in public and private collections. He is a co-founder of the American Tonalist Society and a Signature Member of the American Society of Marine Artists.

When not in his studio, Ambrose still wanders coastal shores, drawing in his sketchbook and painting, seeking inspiration for his next hauntingly beautiful painting.

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