Cynthia Gordon


Cynthia Gordon

From a young age, Cynthia Gordon has been compelled to grow her painting and drawing skills, inspired by the natural and manmade beauty surrounding her from her roots in upstate New York. She studied the great works of the Hudson River School of landscape painting, as she rounded out her education at both the Maryland Institute College of Art and the Schuler School of Fine Art in Baltimore. Her technique captures the rhythm of the fields, orchards, rolling hills, and expansive valleys as they cycle through seasons and interact with each other.

Passionate about the quality and consistency of her work, Gordon grinds her own paint and stretches her linen canvases as she works, primarily in oil but also occasionally in watercolor, gouache, and sculpture. While doing much of her work en plein air, her more ambitious and larger pieces are created in the steady north light of her studio.

Gordon and her husband, Russell, also a renowned painter, currently live and work in upstate New York, and she is represented in galleries up and down the East Coast and in private collections around the world.

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