Catherine K. Ferrell


Catherine K. Ferrell

In her lifetime as a sculptor and artist, Cathy was encouraged to follow her passion for art in many mediums. Beginning in Palm Beach Day School and awards won at the Society of the Four Arts and continuing on, the art adventure led her to the University of Michigan and Florida Atlantic University for an undergraduate degree, then the University of Miami for a graduate degree in sculpture and fine art. be showing and selling her work in museum shows at the Boca Raton Museum of Art and the Norton Museum and School of Art.

She also worked as an apprentice for Luis Montoya, Montoya Studios International and the foundry skills gained were invaluable, as was working with a brilliant sculptor. Continuing studies with Eugene Daub, Walter Matia, Sandy Scott, Tuck Langland, George Lundeen, Fritz White, Rosalind Cook, Mary Garrish, Ken Backus and many more encouraged and inspired the work to come, and she is greatly indebted to each of them for the shared wisdom, knowledge and the many joyful days of work.

The creative quest led her to Pietrasanta in 1983 with stone commissions for collectors in Milan and Paris and architects in West Germany. Three tons of carving stone and tools followed her home to Florida.

Cathy is intrigued by the possibilities found in many different materials and has worked in wood, stone, bronze, steel for large outdoor pieces, jewelry in precious metals, oils, pastels, watercolors, batik, and assemblages of various kinds.

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