Artist of the Week

Lily Pad West | Celebrating Five Years

This October, Lily Pad West celebrates five years in Milwaukee with an anniversary showcase featuring new work from thirty-seven artists. ...
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Dan McCaw- Orange Chair

Dan McCaw | Artist of the Week

Dan McCaw is one of America’s most highly respected contemporary impressionists. McCaw began his formal art training with a scholarship ...
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Christopher Pierce | Artist of the Week

Christopher Pierce is a nationally recognized fine artist who paints florals, still lifes, portraits, figures, and interiors with panache and ...
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David Dunlop | Artist of the Week

David Dunlop is a modern-day old master whose luminous paintings draw from both Renaissance techniques and contemporary science.  His paintings ...
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Mark Gingerich - Point Lobos

Mark Gingerich | Artist of the Week

As a seasoned figurative and landscape artist, Mark Gingerich is known for his remarkable execution of contemporary impressionism. In addition ...
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Jacqueline Kamin - Pink Peonies

Jacqueline Kamin | Artist of the Week

Jacqueline Kamin was born in 1950 in Washington, D.C. Her illustrious career was nurtured at the Corcoran Museum School and ...
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Liz Gribin | Artist of the Week

London-born painter, Liz Gribin, has received numerous awards and much recognition for her outstanding artistic talent.  After many years in ...
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Kathy Jones | Artist of the Week

Greatly influenced by the environment California has provided her during her formative years as an artist, Kathy Jones emphasizes the ...
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Christopher Groves | Artist of the Week

Christopher Groves' love of art grew from his early experiences with nature and the introduction to the master sculptor, Glenda ...
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Cathy Ferrell | Artist of the Week

In her lifetime as a sculptor and artist, Cathy Ferrell was encouraged to follow her passion for art in many ...
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