Artist of the Week

Stacy Kamin - In the Kitchen

Stacy Kamin | Artist of the Week

Having grown up in the cosmopolitan city of Washington, D.C., Stacy Kamin has lived a life any aspiring artist would ...
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Peter Batchelder | Artist of the Week

Born in Beverly, MA, on Boston's North Shore, Peter Batchelder has lived throughout New England in coastal and western Massachusetts, ...
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Jeff Faust | Artist of the Week

Rowboats floating in the sky, drifting leaves, puffy clouds, collections of objects (sometimes including clouds) casting shadows in wall niches, ...
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Diane Washa - Mornin' Sunshine

Diane Washa | Artist of the Week

Diane Washa is an award-winning painter who takes inspiration from the changing landscapes she has had in view since road ...
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Shirley Cean Youngs | Artist of the Week

Born in the farmlands of upstate New York in 1939, Shirley Cean Youngs had beautiful childhood experiences, spending countless hours ...
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John MacDonald | Artist of the Week

John attended Washington University in St. Louis where he received a BFA in 1979. Following college, he attended a four ...
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Joann Ballinger | Artist of the Week

Joann Ballinger, the artist and teacher, is accomplished in media ranging from oil to pen and ink but specializes in ...
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Sadie Valeri | Artist of the Week

Sadie Valeri is an internationally recognized classical oil painter based in San Francisco, California. Her work has been exhibited across ...
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Robert Douglas Hunter | Artist of the Week

If there were a brick-and-mortar educational art institution called "The Boston School," Robert Douglas Hunter would surely be its Dean.  ...
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Jean Lightman | Artist of the Week

Jean Lightman paints in the Boston School tradition and creates dynamic still lifes, landscapes, and portraits that shimmer with light. ...
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