Artist of the Week 78 | Joann Ballinger

Joann Ballinger Joann Ballinger is a leading pastel artist in the Connecticut impressionist movement centered around Old Lyme and Norwich. ...
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Artist of the Week 76 | Stacy Kamin

Stacy Kamin Stacy Kamin grew up in Washington D.C. immersed in a rich cultural environment and her work reflects classic ...
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Artist of the Week 74 | Peter Batchelder

Peter Batchelder "Throughout my life, I have had the benefit of living in different rural environments within New England. From ...
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October 2020 Virtual Gallery Night

Lily Pad Gallery West Presents: Virtual Gallery Night and Day! Walk through Lily Pad Gallery West without leaving your home! ...
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Artist of the Week 72

Lily Pad Gallery is pleased to present our newest artist Diane Washa Diane Washa is an award-winning painter who takes ...
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Artist of the Week 71 | Ronald Tinney

Ronald Tinney Ronald Tinney’s widely collected and admired coastal landscapes of Cape Cod breathe constant life into the wonder and ...
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Artist of the Week 70 |Shirley Cean Youngs

Shirley Cean Youngs “I’ve been a creative person my whole life. Born in the farmlands of upstate New York in ...
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Artist of the Week 69| Stapleton Kearns

Stapleton Kearns Self-proclaimed landscape painter Stapleton Kearns is a student of the atelier of Ives Gammell and now a teacher himself. ...
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Artist of the Week 68 | Jeff Faust

Jeff Faust Rowboats floating in the sky, drifting leaves, puffy clouds, collections of objects (sometimes including clouds) casting shadows in ...
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Artist of the Week 67 | Jacqueline Kamin

Jacqueline Kamin “Drawing and painting was my passion even as early as I can remember it. My parents always had ...
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