Andre Balyon

Andre Balyon

Born in 1951 in The Hague, Netherlands, studying under many of the native masters in Holland by the age of 15, Andre Balyon creates oil landscapes and scenes that take influence from the importance of the sky and its importance in the world, captured on canvas or otherwise. Balyon feels very much inspired by artists such as George Inness and John Singer Sargent. "I feel that we, the living artists, are very fortunate to learn from, and be inspired by the many artists, styles, and art movements of the past. It is astonishing to know that artists before the 15th Century knew little about drawing and painting in perspective. It has been a true evolution ever since. We are standing on the shoulders of great masters."

Balyon was asked to consult for the artists creating backgrounds on oil for motion picture animations, including Disney's The Lion King. Balyon has also participated in exhibitions across the United States and Europe. His works have been on display in Aspen, Co; Carmel and Palm Desert, CA; Watch Hill, RI; Milwaukee, WI; Fredericksburg, TX, among others. He currently resides in California, where he continues projects, including a book that he recently published, while he continues to work on paintings large and small.

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