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Open Monday – Friday 8:30-5:00, Saturday 8:30-2:00 at 2014 N Farwell Avenue, Milwaukee

Opening its doors in November 2004, Belle Fiori is an award-winning, full-service retail florist, offering daily delivery to all of Metro Milwaukee every day, with a focus on weddings and events. Belle Fiori has one of Milwaukee’s not-so-secret specials every Friday, 50% off fresh flowers, wrapped in paper to take home (excludes holidays, deliveries, and completed designs) Just grab and go with a handful of beautiful flowers to brighten someone’s weekend or even your own!

Why did you decide to become a business owner?

I had grown in my career from the high school kid that swept the floors and watered the plants to shop manager and ownership was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.

What made you choose to start a business in this industry?

The floral industry is all I’ve ever known, with over 25 years of experience I’ve grown from the high school kid helping out after school to owning one of Milwaukee’s leading florists. Every day brings a different challenge and every season brings a different flower.

What made you choose to run your business in Milwaukee?

Milwaukee is the perfect sweet spot; not too big, not too little. We have all the benefits of a big city; great museums, restaurants, and special events and all the cozy charm of a Midwest neighborhood where the kids play ball in the streets and the neighbors bring the dogs for a walk to the flower shop to pick up their weekly flowers.

What was your mission at the start of your business? 

To provide beautiful flowers to every occasion. No matter where the styles and trends take us at the end of the day flowers should always be beautiful.

What makes your business unique?

We are a real neighborhood florist, in a real brick-and-mortar flower shop. We are there for our loyal neighbors and customers for all their life milestones.

What is your business goal?

To keep doing what works best for us, provide beautiful flowers for every occasion, big or small.

Belle Fiori’s selected artwork: Christopher Groves | Passage | Oil on linen | 48 x 30″
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