John MacDonald | Artist of the Week

John attended Washington University in St. Louis where he received a BFA in 1979. Following college, he attended a four month intensive printmaking workshop at the Institute for American Universities in Avignon, France. Returning to the States in 1982, he received an MA degree in drawing and painting from Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana.

For nearly twenty years, John worked as both a full-time freelance illustrator and landscape painter. He won awards from Print Magazine as well as having work appear in the Society of Illustrators annual show. Since the late 2000’s, he has been painting full time. His paintings can be found in private, corporate, and museum collections throughout North America

Professional memberships have included the Society of Illustrators, the Illustrators Partnership of America, the National Association of Plein Air Painters, the Graphic Artists Guild, and the Oil Painters of America. He is certified through the Creativity Coaching Association as a creativity coach and brings his coaching experience to his workshops.

“My love of realism is directly tied to my love of the craft of painting. To create an illusion of space, form, light, and atmosphere that carries an emotional charge, all from mere fluid dabs and smears of oil paints, is a endless challenge and a perpetual joy. Influenced by the American tonalists and the classic “mountain and rivers” poets of China, I strive to say as much as possible with as little as possible–to subtly suggest rather than to overtly describe. My subject matter is the mood that arises from the ego-less contemplation of landscape, a mood of not-knowing that leaves some mystery in a painting, something unresolved that allows the viewer to explore the painting and make discoveries within it.”

John MacDonald
John demonstrates his proven 7-step landscape painting process that is beneficial for artists at every level.

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