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Open by appointment at 5276 N Lydell Avenue, Whitefish Bay

La Tulipe Design Studio opened its doors in 2003. As a floral design studio, all the work they do comes from a bespoke perspective with all projects being treated as singular entities. So in that vein, La Tulipe does weddings, events, parties, end-of-life celebrations, residential and commercial installations, residential and commercial subscriptions, holiday decor, and black label daily deliveries. La Tulipe is highly motivated by projects that challenge their creativity. They welcome reaching out of their comfort zone for clients that appreciate their aesthetic approach.

Why did you decide to become a business owner?

I am an independent businessperson and wanted to bring something new to the marketplace.

What made you choose to start a business in this industry?

I was leaving my career in advertising where I was the suit in representing the creative work of others and wanted to start a business where I could showcase my own.

What made you choose to run your business in Milwaukee?

Milwaukee is where I am from and where I raise my children, along with being the community I would like to share my work with.

What was your mission at the start of your business? 

My mission was to bring a unique and new view to the Milwaukee floral market.

What makes your business unique?

I was an art student, so I approach projects using concepts of color and composition that are universal to all art forms. And since my former career was in advertising, I love expressing my commercial client’s business’ vision in an organic form.

What is your business goal?

My goal as a floral entrepreneur is to create awareness of great florists and floristry. I want to elevate the discipline of the floristry industry comparable to that in the culinary arts world. That mission is very dear to me.

La Tulipe’s selected artwork: Peter Batchelder, North Meadow, Oil on canvas, 36 x 48″
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