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Open by appointment at 607-A South 6th Street, Milwaukee

Open by appointment only, Alt’s has been in business since 1999. Located at 607-A South 6th Street in Walker’s Point, Alt’s features a variety of unique services including antique & heirloom restoration, architectural salvage & historic preservation, wedding, event, funeral, and decor floristry, and botanicals, rare & unusual antique decor & styling, and custom lighting & objects.

Alt’s will buy a larger building in late summer early fall for their new location and will rent their current location starting in August. Stay tuned.

Why did you decide to become a business owner?

I decided to start my own business because I was a kid that hated school and was working since I was ten cutting lawns, shoveling, raking, weeding, labor work. I always had money in my pocket and I could see that I only succeeded when I was passionate about the thing I was doing. I realized that making art was what I needed to do and doing it in many ways.

What made you choose to start a business in this industry?

I picked all of the things I loved in life and made them my career.

What made you choose to run your business in Milwaukee?

I was born and raised in Milwaukee and wanted to create a business that did not exist for people who appreciate art and design.

What was your mission at the start of your business? 

My mission was to surround myself and do with all of the things I liked in life for a job like growing and preserving botanicals and rescuing historic pieces from the landfill.

What makes your business unique?

Well, I am one of the last antique restoration shops left in Milwaukee. I am the only locally grown, foraged, sourced, no waste, four-season, eco-friendly flower shop in Milwaukee. I am the only architectural savage business left in Milwaukee. I also am the only custom design/build company that uses only recycled, salvaged, reclaimed, and rescued materials for each project. Check out the website to see what we all have to offer:

What is your business goal?

To never retire.

Alt’s selected artwork: John Paul Berry, Graveyard Whistling II, Mixed Media on canvas, 50 x 72″
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