Allison B. Cooke/Susan Hall: Beneath the Surface (05.28.2021-07.04.2021)

Left: Susan Hall | Tribute | oil on board | 51×43″
Right: Allison B. Cooke | Quel Momento | oil/cold wax on panel | 30×30″

Lily Pad | West is proud to display a selection of works by midwest-based artists Allison B. Cooke and Susan Hall. These artists explore the concept of transformation via the energetic addition and subtraction of materials. While Susan Hall peels away lace designs from hardened gesso to allow her phantasmic figures to take form, Allison B. Cooke combines years’ worth of gathered parchments and pigments to build dreamlike renditions of remembered places and times.

Opening Reception
Friday, May 28: 6 – 9 PM

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