Steve Gerhartz

"Paintings bring life and the beauty of nature into people's homes, granting people the opportunity to escape into a place they may not have the chance to see allowing for reflection, growth, and understanding."

Steve Gerhartz

Quiet, easygoing, nature enthusiast, artist. It is quite simple, Steve has a great passion for what he does and it is apparent in his work.

Sunny Afternoon | Oil on canvas | 24 x 30"

Steve began painting in the mid-1980s when he was a high school student. At the age of fourteen, his first landscape painting experience took place during a November snow squall with his brother Dan. The experience was invigorating and it became the starting point to Steve's passion for painting outdoors.

Laying Hens | Oil on canvas | 8 x 10"

Much of his inspiration comes from the beautiful light quality of the different times of day and the changing seasons. "Painting outside has been a great experience, I am constantly learning from nature and understanding what happens in certain lighting conditions. I paint on location in all sizes; even very large paintings are started outside. There is nothing quite as emotional for me as working on a large painting outdoors, trying to capture all that form and space into a painting."


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