A Journey Back to You

A Journey Back to You

Greetings from Lily Pad Gallery West,

We are pleased to announce the opening of our new virtual exhibition, A Journey Back to You.

The artists in this exhibition invite us to slow down and find a deeper connection to the beauty and simplicity in everyday life. They teach us to live in the present moment, seek peace and comfort in joyful simplicities, and savor the art of the small.

Artist Michael Lynn Adams tells us, "My art celebrates the simple beauty and vitality of commonplace objects. Painting these images is an act of contemplation that I hope produces objects that bring joy of discovering unexpected beauty in things we often take for granted. A bunch of onions, a head of garlic, a sliced lime, a peeled lemon, can all bring a sense of wonder when we take the time to look."

Let the artists in this exhibition show you how to bring simple abundance back into our daily lives now and throughout the year. As we move into February, don't lose sight of the little things that bring great happiness. In "Sunflowers" by Christopher Pierce, we are inspired to arrange a bouquet of sunflowers for the table, and in his painting "Blue Hydrangeas and Tea," he reminds us to take a moment for afternoon tea. David Hatfield also invites us for a nice cup of tea, but transports us to a tranquil garden in his painting "Tea Time." For some, we find joy in simply watching a beautiful sunset, like in Ronald Tinney's painting "Quiet Color," or simply sitting on the open water like we see in "Quiet Breeze." For others, cooking a hearty meal is like a daily meditation. In Michael Lynn Adams' "Leeks and a Copper Pot," we can almost smell a fragrant vichyssoise cooking on the stove. Whether we are soaking up the sun at the beach or spending the day at the art museum, the artists remind us to make time for the little things that bring us comfort and joy.

Let the artists guide you on a journey back to you.

A Journey Back to You is an online-only exhibition featuring 13 artists from the Lily Pad Gallery West collection. The exhibiting artists include Michael Lynn Adams, Andre Balyon, Edward DeVoe, Mark Gingerich, David Hatfield, Stacy Kamin, Dan McCaw, Michael Patterson, Christopher Pierce, Ronald Tinney, John Traynor, George Van Hook and Shirley Cean Youngs.

A Journey Back to You will be featured on the Lily Pad Gallery West Artsy page February 6-19.

Lily Pad Gallery West is located at 215 North Broadway in the Historic Third Ward of Milwaukee.

Best regards from all of us at Lily Pad,

Alan Perlstein, Terry Hamann, and the Lily Pad Gallery West Staff


Quiet Breeze | Ronald Tinney | Oil | 24 x 36"

Leeks and a Copper Pot | Michael Lynn Adams | Oil | 15 x 18"
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