Andy Newman

Andy Newman was a lawyer in Washington, D.C., for over 15 years before becoming a professional artist at the age of 36. Newman began as a hobbyist painter before deciding “I much more enjoy painting than I do trooping to the office every day.” He creates work primarily using oil, but also pastel, acrylic, and colored pencil. His specialties are landscapes, abstracts, and figures, often combining them in striking and creative ways.

Andy Newman | Rue Daubenton (at Rue Mouffetard) V | Oil | 15.5 x 12″
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Andy cites nineteenth and twentieth-century American and European greats as some of his diverse influences, among them Giorgio Morandi, Edward Hopper, and Maurice de Vlaminck. Particular favorite classical artists of his art pioneers of the Baroque movement Georges de La Tour and Caravaggio.

Andy Newman | Several Structures (Verfeuil) | Oil | 10.25 x 14.75″
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“Many of my landscapes are anchored by architectural subjects, which allow me to center my interest on form, light, and composition, with less stress upon the particulars of a given locality. Thus it is with architecture that I can feel most abstract. What drives the image is the array of shapes and how they occupy the picture plane, rather than whether a building or road happens to be in France, Spain or England. Since architectural subject matter lends itself to the composing of forms within a space, I have over the years returned again and again to the same buildings to produce closely related images.”
-Andy Newman

Andy Newman | Barn and Silos | Oil | 20.5 x 25.5″
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Newman is represented by over 10 galleries in Europe and North America, and maintains his studio at the Umbrella in Concord, Massachusetts.

Andy Newman

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