Artist of the Week 78 | Joann Ballinger

Joann Ballinger

Joann Ballinger is a leading pastel artist in the Connecticut impressionist movement centered around Old Lyme and Norwich. Known for her gentle pastel renditions of children, seascapes, and animals, Joann has a gift for capturing moments and moods in time and space that will never occur again.

Joann Ballinger | Cozy Sweater | Pastel | 8 x 6″
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Joann’s love of light and color and her unique perspective on life is evident in her work. Her rich purples and deep blues combined with the exquisite balance between shadows and light bring to life the flowers in a field or the tides of a sea. Joann’s awareness of the beauty in obscure, waning moments is what makes her breathtaking.

Joann Ballinger | Peaceful Pasture | Pastel | 9 x 12″
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Joann’s inspiration for entering the art world can be attributed to the drawings of her father and her great grandfather; a jewelry designer and portrait artist. She was educated at the prestigious Norwich Art School at the Norwich Free Academy. Joann has practiced in many mediums; however, has found pastel to be her favorite.

Joann Ballinger | Sunny Afternoon | Pastel | 12 x 16″
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Today this practice can be seen not only through Joann’s work but also through the work of many other renowned artists. Joann has work in corporate and private collections around the world. She is also an award-winning member of the Pastel Society of America and she has been featured in local and national magazines such as Connecticut Magazine and the Pastel Journal. Besides painting freely and for commissions, Joann also teaches at the Lyme Art Association.

Joann Ballinger.

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