Curated Spaces

An Online Exclusive Exhibition

Lily Pad | WEST is proud to present the online exclusive exhibition Curated Spaces.  

Curated Spaces showcases eight of Lily Pad’s artists specializing in still life paintings. The show, however, is about more than simply showcasing beautiful still life paintings. It’s about examining the objects within these still life paintings, and subsequently, examining the paintings themselves as beautiful objects.

What drives the artist to paint this particular set of objects? How did the artist curate this particular arrangement? Were there objects the artist chose to edit? Subsequently, what draws the collector towards this particular still life? Why does the collector feel compelled to hang this particular piece in their home?

Whatever the unique components may be, Curated Spaces begs the viewer to examine the objects as curated and edited collections, and the effect that the painting itself has as a beautiful object.

Curated Spaces will be featured on the Lily Pad | WEST Artsy page from September 19 to October 2.

Lily Pad Gallery West is located at 215 North Broadway in the Historic Third Ward of Milwaukee.

Arrangement with Two Bottles and an Iron Kettle | Robert Douglas Hunter | Oil | 20 x 26″
Yellow Roses with Pears | Jacqueline Kamin | Oil | 16 x 20″
Red Onion Trio | Michael Adams | Oil | 8 x 16″

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