Artist of the Week 70 |Shirley Cean Youngs

Shirley Cean Youngs

“I’ve been a creative person my whole life. Born in the farmlands of upstate New York in 1939, I had beautiful childhood experiences. Spending countless hours in the woods and fields and roaming around beautiful Lake Ontario, I learned much about nature. Being the middle child of five, life was always busy, but I loved being alone creating some form of an art masterpiece. As I grew older I began to realize that I had been given a special gift and I felt my life as an artist made me an instrument to pass divine love along to others.”

Shirley Cean Youngs | In the Garden | Oil | 24 x 48″
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“Moving to Connecticut in 1960 opened a whole new world, as I found all around me many of my favorite American Impressionists. I completed an American artist correspondence course with honors and took a few workshops with people I admired such as Robert Brackman, Roger Curtis, Daniel Greene, Foster Caddell, and Charles Movalli. I found the language of painting an exciting journey and after years of painting en plein air landscapes and studio figure painting, my impressionist style emerged.”

Shirley Cean Youngs | The Whistle of the Wind | Oil | 24 x 30″
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“During my career as a painter, I have been told that my work is uplifting and heartening, connecting with the lightness of the spiritual worlds. Putting my heart and soul into every painting for over forty years has led to worldwide recognition.”

“My work has been exhibited thought out the United States France, German, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Canada. It has appeared on national television, as been featured in magazines, newspapers, books, and book covers.”

“My paintings have received countless awards, but to me, the greatest award is to have my work hanging in a private, corporate, and celebrity collection somewhere around the world. Art to me is an expression too subtle for words, to be given this means of expression is a gift beyond value.”

Shirley Cean Youngs | Under the Summer Sun | Oil | 24 x 36″
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“When I am painting, serenity settles peacefully over my life, and hopefully, I express those pleasures to others, to be enjoyed over again.”

Shirley Cean Youngs | Dancing in the Light | Oil | 30 x 30″
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