Honest Harvest

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Honest Harvest


Please join Lily Pad Gallery West as we explore the works of 15 artists whose paintings champion hard work, individualism and the cultivation of nature, highlighting the beauty of rural living and natural countrysides.

The pastoral scene has been a favorite of landscape painters for centuries, finding roots in the 17th century and remaining popular through today. The picturesque depiction of rolling hills, fattened livestock, and plentiful harvests champion hard work and the individual, prompting nostalgic feelings for simpler times, when man worked in partnership with nature, rather than in opposition to it.

In Honest Harvest, 15 artists explore the pastoral countryside with varying styles and mediums, tied together by feelings of abundance, lush vegetation, and acknowledgement of hard work.

The artists featured in Honest Harvest have created windows into worlds that are often associated with the past, reminding us of our roots in rurality and our dependence on nature’s bounty to sustain, nourish and help us grow.

Honest Harvest will be featured on the Lily Pad Gallery West Artsy page from August 22nd to September 4th, 2020.

Lily Pad Gallery West is located at 215 N Broadway in the Historic Third Ward of Milwaukee.

We look forward to “seeing” you.

Alan Perlstein, Terry Hamann, and the Lily Pad Gallery West Staff

The Red Barn | Mark Gingerich | Oil | 30 x 30″
Peaceful Pasture | Joann Ballinger | Pastel | 9 x 12″
Summer on the Farm | Andre Balyon | Oil | 20 x 14″

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