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Lily Pad Gallery West is proud to present the work of 10 distinct artists from our collection who explore various realist techniques in their work.

Into Focus brings together paintings from a range of artists working in various subject matters that each explore realist techniques in their works. These works become almost indistinguishable from a photograph, or from life itself. This group of 10 artists from Lily Pad Gallery’s collection utilize exceptional technique and attention to detail to produce works that transcend painterly expression, creating artificial worlds of imagination and beauty.

In Larry Preston’s “Iron Birds,” photorealistic effects are used, bringing the scene into sharp focus as if seen through a camera’s lens.

In Arguimbau’s “America’s Cup,” precise technique and attention to detail create a universe of moments, allowing the viewer to zoom in on any part and experience a microcosm of information. The painting takes on a map-like effect, and is visually accurate down to the rigging of the ship’s sails.

In Sadie Valeri’s “Art Nouveau Embrace,” a traditional still life rendered in pristine clarity is met with the ephemeral quality of the wax paper she uses in her compositions, capturing a moment that feels frozen in time.

Into Focus gathers a collection of work that is breathtaking in clarity and technique, and we hope you are able to fall into the worlds that our artists have created.

The show will be on the Lily Pad Gallery West website from July 11 to July 24, 2020.

Lily Pad is located at 215 N Broadway in the Historic Third Ward of Milwaukee.

We look forward to “seeing’ you.

Alan Perlstein, Terry Hamann, and the Lily Pad Gallery West Staff

Iron Birds | Larry Preston | Oil | 12 x 16″
America’s Cup | Peter Layne Arguimbau | Oil | 24 x 37″
Art Nouveau Embrace | Sadie Valeri | Oil | 20 x 26.5″
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