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We invite you to join us in experiencing a diverse array of styles and techniques from 24 of Lily Pad Gallery West's artists.

While in some paintings color may come second to subject or composition, color is the star of the show in these pieces; it is the element that initially catches our eye and draws us in for further exploration. And that initial draw has the potential to bring out a unique emotional response to the painting itself.

In Michael Patterson's We at the Front Line of Time, the warm oranges and yellows bouncing off the subject's faces may elicit a sense of optimism or hope. In Kathy Jones's Yesterday, the earthy, mossy greens of the background might make us feel grounded or comforted in some way. In David Dunlop's Walking Through Light, the vast gradient of blues may transport us to a dream-like state. In Andy Newman's Two Seated Figures, the cool purples and pinks might make us melancholic or long for someone or something.

At whatever point in the color spectrum each piece may land, we hope this show encourages you to find where that energy places you on the emotional spectrum.

The show will be on the Lily Pad Gallery West website from June 27 through July 10, 2020.

Lily Pad Gallery West is located at 215 N Broadway in the Historic Third Ward of Milwaukee.

We look forward to "seeing" you.

Happy Pride Month!

Alan Perlstein, Terry Hamann, and the Lily Pad Gallery West staff

Two Seated Figures | Andy Newman | Oil | 21 x 13"

Walking Through Light | David Dunlop | Oil on Aluminum | 36 x 36"

Yesterday | Kathy Jones | Oil | 12 x 9"

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