Ebb | Flow

Lily Pad Gallery West presents the online-exclusive exhibition:

Ebb | Flow


Join us online to view abstract artists Allison B. Cooke, Ton Dubbeldam, Leya Evelyn, Guido Garaychochea, Dan McCaw, Alfredo Palmero, and Brad Robertson.

Ebb | Flow brings together signature paintings from Lily Pad Gallery West’s collection, featuring paintings by seven artists who utilize push and pull techniques as they work, emphasizing balance, growth, and serendipitous accidents.

This online-exclusive exhibition will be available on Lily Pad Gallery West’s Artsy page from May 30th through June 5th, 2020.

Lily Pad is located at 215 N Broadway in the Historic Third Ward of Milwaukee.

We look forward to “seeing” you!

Alan Perlstein, Terry Hamann, and the Lily Pad Gallery West staff

A Poem You Wrote I | Leya Evelyn | Oil/Mixed Media | 60×73″

Unconventional | Brad Robertson | Oil | 12 x 12″

Rosa Italiano | Allison B. Cooke | Oil/Mixed Media | 32 x 16″ (diptych)

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