Artist of the Week 50 | Gene Costanza

Artist of the Week 50

Gene Costanza | In the Mood | Oil | 24 x 30″

Gene Costanza

Gene Costanza is a contemporary realist painter of traditional subject matter, focusing primarily on landscape.

Costanza orchestrates paintings that engage the viewer and invites them to enter his world. By capturing the light and atmosphere, the feel and smell, the wind and wave, he hopes to share places that mean something to him and the moments that evoke common feelings we share. One person summed it up with, “I love to watch your landscapes.”

Gene Costanza | Light Sliver on Snow | Oil | 11 x 14″

Over twenty-five years of Costanza’s life was spent in Law Enforcement in such specialties as SWAT, K9 Handler/K9 Supervisor, Patrol Supervisor and Detective. About mid-career, the desire to return to artistic endeavors surfaced after having been abandoned in his early twenties. Though dormant, there was a constant underlying desire to again delve into the mysteries of paint, light, and subject matter.

Costanza believes it took a decade and a half of discipline to mold his personal tendencies so that he could study and work as hard as one needs to in the difficult endeavor of making a good painting. Costanza retired from law enforcement to become a full-time painter.

Gene Costanza | Below the Falls | Oil | 30 x 24″

Avoiding the description of being “self-taught,” Gene has studied with a number of great contemporary artist/teachers including: Kevin McPhearson, Matt Smith, Jeffery A. Watt, Jill Carver and has a long-standing, close, personal as well as professional, friendship with Scott L. Christensen. It is Christensen whom Costanza credits with most of his growth. Frequently these two can be found painting, fishing, hunting or just enjoying the fellowship of intimate friendship.

Gene Costanza | March Thaw | Oil | 40 x 48″

Costanza’s work is in collections from coast to coast and is included in the permanent collection of the Academy Museum in Easton, Maryland. Costanza is married and has two grown sons and makes his home in Eugene, OR.

Gene Costanza | Sanctuary II | Oil | 10 x 20″

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Gene Costanza working in the field.

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