Artist of the Week 48 | Michael Lynn Adams

Artist of the Week 48

Michael Lynn Adams | Red Onion Trio | Oil | 8 x 16″

Michael Lynn Adams

Contemporary realist artist Michael Lynn Adams is known for his luminous still life and figurative oil paintings. Inspired by discovering beauty in things that are often overlooked, Adams sees painting as an act of contemplation.

Michael Lynn Adams | Onion Basket | Oil | 12 x 16″

Adams and his wife are advocates for healthful living with a deep appreciation for beauty and simplicity in everyday life. The luminosity found in many of his paintings symbolizes those values. A bunch of onions, a bulb of garlic, a sliced lime, a peeled lemon, can all bring a sense of wonder when we take the time to look. Collector Maggie Kruger noted in American Art Collector Magazine that Adams’ work “has a luminous quality; emanating a quiet glow on the gallery wall. Collectors are mesmerized and drawn to each of the works, moving from each jewel-like painting, basking in the reflected light.”

Michael Lynn Adams | Leeks and a Copper Pot | Oil | 12 x 16″

An advocate for representational artists and skill-based fine art education, Adams co-founded The Representational Art Conference (TRAC) with Michael Pearce in 2012. He directed the first three conferences hosting nearly a thousand artists, educators and art professionals from more than 26 countries, making TRAC the premier international art conference focusing on the philosophical underpinnings of representational art in the 21st Century.

Michael Lynn Adams | Gardenia and Merlot | Oil | 9 x 12″ (sold)

A resident of Ashland, Oregon, Adams is a member of the California Art Club, Oil Painters of America (OPA), Portrait Society of America, and Ashland Gallery Association. His paintings have been exhibited in national and international shows, including California Art Club Gold Medal, Salon International, OPA National and OPA Western Regional exhibitions. His paintings are in private and museum collections across the United States.

Michael Lynn Adams | From Earth to Earthenware | Oil | 12 x 16″

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