Artist of the Week 33 | Jean Lightman

Artist of the Week 33

Jean Lightman | Arrangement on the Mantel | Oil | 34 x 32″

Jean Lightman

Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Jean Lightman did not pursue an artistic career until she moved to Boston following Graduate School. It was there, after many classes and workshops, that she met Paul Ingbretson, a former student of R.H. Ives Gammell, who taught her painting techniques commonly used in the 19th century French Academy. Lightman trained formally with Ingbretson for nearly ten years, mastering her skills.

Working on her own since 1992, Lightman has exhibited at prominent galleries in Massachusetts and New York. She holds a Distinguished Artist membership at the Concord Art Association and a Copley Artist standing at the Copley Society of Boston. Lightman has also been a recipient of the Guild of Boston Artists’ R.H. Ives Gammell Award and the Edmund Tarbell Award.

Jean Lightman | The Softness of Pink | Oil | 12 x 16″

Jean Lightman paints in the Boston School tradition and creates dynamic still lifes, landscapes and portraits that shimmer with light. This type of painting combines the accurate drawing and aesthetic design of the 19th Century European Academy with the vibrant color and light of the French Impressionists. Students trained in the Boston School technique pursue a rigorous curriculum beginning with charcoal drawings of plaster casts before they advance to painting.

Jean Lightman | Garden by the Woods | Oil | 17 x 26″

In 2014, Lightman was elected President of the Guild of Boston Artists, the first woman to hold the office in the Guild’s 100 year history. She has given numerous public lectures about Boston School painting tradition and how she incorporates the key elements into her own work. The most notable of these was at the offices of Google and has been viewed by over 2,400 people on YouTube.

Lightman was featured on WCVB’s Chronicle, 10/12/15. She curated a major historical exhibition, “A Woman’s Perspective: Founding and Early Women Members of the Guild of Boston Artists, 1914-1945.” Her painting, Arrangement on a Mantel, won the Benson Award in the Guild’s 2015 Annual Awards Exhibit and was a finalist in the Art Renewal Center’s 12th Annual Salon.

Lightman has been featured in Southwest Art Magazine (October 2017), American Art Collector (March 2013), and was included in The Perfect Palette by Bonnie Rosser Krims (Warner Books, 1998). She holds a Distinguished Artist Membership at the Concord Art Association and became a Copley Artist Member of the Copley Society in 2004. Her work can be found in private collections across the United States and abroad.

Jean Lightman | Deb’s Peonies | Oil | 16 x 22″

“I strive to capture the drama of the light and the magic of the color relationships. Whether in the pale creamy glow of the light on peony blossoms or the dance of shadows across a sunlit marsh along the coast of Maine, I am continually awed by the magnificence of nature. The challenge of reducing a subject or scene to its poetic essence without compromising its beauty, that elusive goal is what lures me day after day back to my easel.”
– Jean Lightman

Jean Lightman | Ode to Joy | Oil | 16 x 23″

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