Artist of the Week 28 | Hagop Keledjian

Artist of the Week 28

Hagop Keledjian | Pinks, Whites and Yellow | oil | 40 x 40

Hagop Keledjian

Hagop Keledjianwas born in Yerevan, Armenia, where his vocation as a painter affirmed itself at the young age of 12, as he entered the School of Painting for Young Artists. Upon graduating from college, Keledjian was accepted into the Aprahamian Art Studio, where he learned his technique.

Hagop Keledjian | The Hunt | oil | 20 x 30

Aprahamian was the master of European realism and a follower of Velazquez. Studies with him involved working exclusively from life, at first using the conceptual and technical methods of the Spanish, Russian, and French impressionism. The emphasis of each period was on direct painting from life.

Hagop Keledjian | Under the Umbrella | oil | 40 x 32

Keledjian, being free spirited and in search of his own artistic identity, found himself intellectually and morally in conflict with the academic and political pressures of communist society. In 1981, with his family, Keledjian immigrated to the United States and settled in Massachusetts. He continues to improve his education as an artist with the art studio of Richard Schmid in Vermont.

Hagop Keledjian | Among the Birches | oil | 24 x 36

One of Keledjian’s works is permanently exhibited at the Armenian Library and Museum of America in Massachusetts. The Boston merchants of Newbury Street have also mounted a bronze plaque on the street wall to honor Keledjian as a master painter. He is a member of the Putney Painters in Putney, Vermont; a group of 14 artists who paint on a bi-monthly basis.

In addition, he has exhibited at numerous galleries, including Franceca Anderson Fine Arts, Summer House, J. Todd, Cambridge Cultural Center, the Boston Hotel, Avenue Framers Gallery & Ani Arts, the Newman Gallery, the Raphy Gallery, and several in St. Petersburg, Russia. He continues to live and work in Waterton, Massachusetts.

Hagop Keledjian | Spring Blooms | oil | 24 x 30

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Hagop Keledjian.

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