Artist of the Week 22 | Sheila Ganch

Artist of the Week 22

Sheila Ganch | Resolve and Thought | bronze | 15″hx4″wx6″d, 17″hx5″wx7″d

Sheila Ganch

Sculpture is one of Sheila Ganch’s many passions. As a mother, wife, art teacher and world traveler, she is grateful for how her life experiences have helped to shape her work. Experimenting with different material, Ganch’s early works evolved from bronze into thin lead forms treated with metal dyes and patinas.

While she enjoyed working with metal, she found that the lack of malleability was ultimately constricting. In order to counter this restrictive medium, Ganch switched to clay. She discovered its responsiveness made anything seem possible and its texture gave her a greater sense of connectivity to the Earth.

Sheila Ganch | Solo II | stoneware | 33″hx8″wx8″d

Although Ganch’s sculptures spring from a contemporary reality, she creates ancient-looking surfaces in an effort to define our timeless human connection to the Earth.

“My sculptures deal with our links to the planet and our quest for meaningful interaction on a personal, cultural, and global level. Common threads exist on all levels of humanity, uniting us. We share deep concerns. Social and political barriers often disrupt our bonds. Our connections are vital and must be nourished, cultivated, and sustained.”
-Sheila Ganch

Sheila Ganch | Untitled | stoneware | 27″hx13″wx9″d

“The sculptures are created with materials and elements of the earth. The human form is explored and abstractly portrayed, seeking union in the physical form, through shapes, color, and texture. The human connections evolve by manipulating materials to express gesture and emotion in pursuit of these universal links.

The final connection in my process is with the viewer. The sculpture is viewed, including emotion and introspection- the response being an integral part of the artistic experience.”
-Sheila Ganch

Sheila Ganch | Material Connection II | stoneware, bronze | 19″hx4″wx4″d

Sheila Ganch received her degree from Ohio State University, although she considers her postgraduate training with other fine art sculptors to be the real drive to her success. Ganch has participated in many exhibitions, including with The Chicago Cultural Center, The Harold Washington Library, The Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago, the Fort Wayne Museum of Art, and Veridian Gallery in New York. Ganch’s sculptures can be found in public and private collections throughout the country. She maintains her studio at the Bridgeport Art Center in Chicago.

Sheila Ganch | Subtle II | stoneware | 49″hx10″wx8″d

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Sheila Ganch

Sheila Ganch

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