Artist of the Week 24 | Robert Douglas Hunter

Artist of the Week 24

Robert Douglas Hunter | Still Life with a Copper Bowl | oil | 22 x 24

Robert Douglas Hunter

Having studied with Henry Hensche of Provincetown and R.H. Ives Gammell of the Boston School of Art, Robert Douglas Hunter received his training from master painters whose teaching environments echoed that of French atelier instruction. This education emphasized the importance of carefully planned compositions, accurate rendering, and delight in the ability of light and shadow to create atmosphere within a painting.

Robert Douglas Hunter | Arrangement with Crockery, Iron and an Egg | oil | 20 x 24

As a teacher and painter, Hunter has won numerous awards including the first John Singleton Copley Award, fourteen Gold Medals at the annual exhibition of New England artists held in Boston, and a Citation from the Governor of Massachusetts in recognition of his accomplishments in both painting and teaching. His works hang in many museums in the region, are in the collections of both Harvard and Tufts Universities, and are held in private and public collections worldwide. Prior to his passing in 2014, Robert Douglas Hunter lived and worked in New England for decades.

Robert Douglas Hunter | Arrangement with a Clear Glass Bottle | oil | 24 x 34

“We strive in our early years to learn our craft; therefore we search for a master teacher who has demonstrated this in his own work. Afterwards, there comes a long period of growth during which we experiment, embracing some ideas for fuller development and discarding others not useful to our creative needs. When our work begins to reveal individuality, it is still essential to pursue an honest observation of nature interpreted within the framework of varied compositions of our invention. If we fail at this point, we run the risk of displaying mannerisms that will inhibit our artistic growth.

This is no small matter. It is a formidable challenge that we try to meet with all our resources. Yet the measure of our artistic success rests in the evaluation of generations yet to come.”

-Robert Douglas Hunter, Artist Statement 2005

Robert Douglas Hunter | Harmony with Warm Colors | oil | 22 x 30

If there were a brick and mortar educational art institution called “The Boston School”- the label applied rather loosely to artists who have received training from master painters whose techniques are derived from Gammell’s adaptation of French atelier instruction- then Robert Douglas Hunter would surely be its Dean. Adding his own particular signature to the Boston School emphasis on carefully planned compositions, accurate drawing, and a delight in the ability of light and shadow to create atmosphere in painting, he personally taught well over forty students who are now accomplished full-time professional artists, and in turn these students and their students have been responsible for training many others.

As he said in his later years, “I’ve been painting every day and am thoroughly enjoying it. The tranquility of age allows me to focus on the dynamic relationship between objects and I believe that I am now able to use shapes, both positive and negative, in a way that eluded me before.”

Robert Douglas Hunter | Still Life with Aluminum Cooking Kettle | oil | 20 x 36

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Robert Douglas Hunter in his studio.

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    I also have 2 by CALAO. NUMBERS. On both are 246. 1 from HOLUSA number 249

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