Artist of the Week 23 | Dan McCaw

Artist of the Week 23

Dan McCaw | Anticipation | oil | 60 x 48

Dan McCaw

Dan McCaw is a contemporary American artist that lives and works in Torrance, California, with his two accomplished artist sons, John and Danny.

His work is a bridge between his traditional background and the contemporary influences that continually impact his art. Strong design is the foundation that his work is based upon, but curiosity is the fuel that drives his creativity.

Art flourishes in change, it expands when its limits are limitless. The artist must remain open to its possibilities and eliminate the dispassionate. The dignity of art is not in its constraints but in the liberation of its possibilities.”
-Dan McCaw

Dan McCaw | Tethered | oil | 24 x 18

Influenced by the classical masters at an early age, Dan, over the years, has developed his appreciation for and seduction by many different genres of art.

“Anything that makes me think, engage, and broaden my perceptions is of great importance and interest to me.”
-Dan McCaw

Dan tries to make his paintings somewhat ambiguous so that the viewer, if they wish, can participate and walk through a door that he holds open- what you find inside becomes your own. If he defined or explained anything, Dan feels that he would rob the viewer of their own experience.

Dan McCaw | Standing Figure | oil | 45 x 45

Dan was raised in the small, colorful, yet tough Irish mining town of Butte, Montana, whose people were far richer in character than the precious coper that they mined day and night. It was in these formative years that much of his own character was molded, from which he constantly draws upon.

Dan began his formal art training at the San Francisco Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California when he was 20, then attended the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California and the Bongart School of Art in Santa Monica, California. He was on the faculty of the Art Center College of Design for over 15 years, has had over 40 solo exhibitions, numerous national and international articles written about him, has written a book, and, in 2007, was given an Honorary Doctorate degree by the San Francisco Academy of Art University.

Dan lives with his wife Stacey in Torrance, California, and has five children and eight grandchildren.

Dan McCaw | Texture | oil | 24 x 18

“Painting is an intimate conversation within myself. The canvas is like the page of a diary, and at times I am willing to share this intimate conversation.

The pages are fragile, the edges frayed, some have been torn out in frustration, some smeared from fear of failure, some wrinkled from being held too tight, some dipped in dreams and dried in the sun, and some are waiting to be turned.

What is said between the words becomes more important than the words themselves. Art at its best moves something that is indefinable within myself. This is why I turn the pages.”

-Dan McCaw

Dan McCaw | Waiting | oil | 50 x 40

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Dan McCaw

Dan McCaw in the studio.

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