Artist of the Week 21 | Curt Hanson

Artist of the Week 21

Curt Hanson | The Stream | oil | 42 x 50

Curt Hanson

Curt Hanson’s paintings reveal the great love he has for the landscape around him. With each canvas, Hanson is able to make you feel the weight and stillness of the air found in nature’s quiet corners. With a certain softness, his work captures the gentle voice of a meadow on a rainy day, or an entire season on the brink of transition.

When he was alive, Hanson took annual trips to Thailand, where he studied the agricultural landscape in an area called Esan, inspiring many of his landscape paintings. Once a scene was chosen to be painted, pencil or oil sketches were made out-of-doors, and the piece would then be finished either outdoors or back in the studio.

Curt Hanson | First Light | oil | 24 x 36

Hanson’s style of painting descends from the traditions of the Barbizon School. As a student of Charles Palmer and Stan Taft at Fort Wright College in Washington State, Hanson planted his artistic roots in the landscape through the many fishing trips the three would take. He later studied in New York and absorbed inspiration from the paintings of George Inness and eventually moved to Boston, where he would study for three years at the atelier of Ives Gammell, the legendary Boston School painter.

In 1979, Hanson discovered the northwestern hills of Connecticut, where he lived and nurtured his relationship with nature until his passing in 2018.

Curt Hanson | Feeding Time | oil | 18 x 24

“With the canvas as his loom, Curt weaves the strands of his experience into vibrant harmony. The pure vision of childhood, the traditional training of his early adulthood, and his deep reverence for the present moment, all of these enliven the fabric of his painting. Above all, Hanson’s work overflows with the artist’s sense of connection, not just to the landscape in focus, but to the entire natural world. It is as if he has inspired each brush stroke with his own breath.”
PleinAir Today

Curt Hanson | Early Morning | oil | 9 x 12

Curt Hanson’s New England landscape paintings are highly sought after by collectors from around the globe. Hanson has exhibited extensively, including at the National Academy of Design, and several prominent Connecticut venues. He has participated in numerous group shows, and is represented in many corporate collections, including that of Stanley Tool World Headquarters, New Britain, and distinguished private collections. In addition to his painting career, Hanson was also a teacher of plein air landscape painting.

Curt Hanson | June | oil | 48 x 30

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Curt Hanson.

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