Artist of the Week 16 | Leya Evelyn

Artist of the Week 16

Leya Evelyn | A Poem You Wrote I | oil/mixed media | 60 x 73

Leya Evelyn

An abstract painter born in Washington, D.C., Leya Evelyn was educated at Brown and Yale Universities, where she studied under Josef Albers. After working in New York City for twenty-four years, Leya moved to Nova Scotia, near Halifax, where she currently resides. Evelyn prides herself on her intention to make statements with her work. She opposes categories and exploits them with her techniques in art. Her mixed media work combines color, texture, and form to create collages not only greater than the sum of their parts, but also that allow for a complex combination of emotion and interpretation to be felt.

Leya Evelyn | Immaculate Facts II | oil/mixed media | 36 x 30

Leya exhibits extensively locally in Halifax as well as in galleries across Canada, the United States and Europe. She teaches part-time at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, instructing undergraduates in painting and drawing, and continues to conduct workshops for local artists.

Leya Evelyn | Geometric Cycles II | oil/mixed media | 30 x 30

The primary focus of Evelyn’s artwork is color that provokes emotion and challenges perception. The paintings seek to evolve uncensored memories and states of mind: exploring possibilities, imagining and openings. The texture, visual impact and depth of the many layers of materials and concepts capture the complexity of life and become a metaphor for the elusiveness of knowledge and experience.

Leya Evelyn | Geometric Cycles I | oil/mixed media | 30 x 30

Evelyn has exhibited widely across the United States, Canada, and Europe. In 2011, she received the Canada Council Established Artist Grant, and became an elected member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Art.

Solo exhibitions of Evelyn’s include ArtsPlace (Annapolis Rooyal, N.S.), Orange Art Gallery (Ottawa, ONT), Harrington Brown Gallery (Memphis, TN), ArtNorth (Saeby, Denmark), Halde Gallerie (Widen, Switzerland), among many others.

Her work is in collections in Toronto, Halifax, New York City, St. Louis, Chicago, Denver, Montreal, Washington, D.C., among many others.

Leya Evelyn | A Poem You Wrote II | oil/mixed media | 60 x 73

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Leya Evelyn in her studio

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