Artist of the Week 14 | Jorge Diciervo

Artist of the Week 14

Jorge Diciervo | Untitled I | egg tempera | 35 x 23

Jorge Diciervo

Jorge Diciervo was born on December 14, 1947 in Chivilcoy, Buenos Aires, Argentina and is self-taught. He began to exhibit his work in the 70’s and has made more than 50 individual exhibitions in the main galleries of Buenos Aires and cities over Latin America and Europe.

Some of his work can be found in the National Museum of Fine Arts of the City of Buenos Aires, in the Rosa Galisteo de Rodriguez Museum, in the Province of Santa Fe, in the Museum of Modern Art in Rosario, as well as in private collections in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Italy, France, Belgium, the United States and Switzerland.

Jorge Diciervo | Sinfonia Multicolor | egg tempera | 39 x 35

In 1983, Jorge obtained the Drawing Scholarship Francesco Romero, awarded by the government of Italy and the National Fund for the Arts. In 1992, he received the First Prize for the Chandon Watercolor Salon at the National Museum of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires, and in 1993, the Pollock-Krasner Foundation of New York Grant of Painting.

In 1996 and 2009, he was summoned by the National Academy of Fine Arts of Buenos Aires for the Trabucco Prize.

Jorge Diciervo | Dos Soles Tibios | egg tempera | 39 x 35

In 2003, Diciervo made the exhibition Retrospective “30 years, El azar regulado (regulated dance)” at the Recoleta Cultural Center, in the city of Buenos Aires, with the presentation of the book “Diciervo” by Guillermo Whitelow. In 2012, he published the book “Collages.”

Jorge Diciervo | Untitled III | egg tempera | 36 x 24

Excerpt from an article written by Margarita Gomez Carrasco for El Gran Otro Art and Culture website (translated from Spanish to English):

“I could start by talking about the work of Jorge Diciervo assigning qualifiers such as subtlety, balance, playful plasticity, harmony. However, I’ll start with one of his phrases from the talk we had: “I’m not hooked on any ism, I’m surrealist and I lean toward the mysterious.” These words, which could be taken as a presentation that the artist makes of himself, sound paradoxical if one takes into account that surrealism, when it arises, is installed as the new ism by the claim of the subconscious, the assumption of the Freudian doctrine and the commitment to automation. However, there is no incompatibility, because in the avant-garde, Diciervo manages to identify his being and also from there acquires the necessary freedom to not remain stuck.”

Jorge Diciervo | Untitled II | egg tempera | 34 x 47

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Jorge Diciervo with one of his paintings.