Artist of the Week 13 | Guido Garaycochea

Artist of the Week 13

Guido Garaycochea | Tree of Gold | multi media | 60 x 36

Guido Garaycochea

Born in Lima, Peru, in 1961, Guido Garaycochea studied art at the Escuela Nacional Superior de Bellas Artes del Peru, a very strict and traditional school of art. After graduating with several awards and honors, Garaycochea moved to Chile for 11 years to further study art and to teach at the University level at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile and Universidad Metropolitana de Ciencias de la Educacion.

Guido Garaycochea | Beyond the Rectangle | oil | 40 x 44

Garaycochea moved to the United States in the fall of 2003 to become an International Artist in Residence at The Griffis Art Center in New London, Connecticut, and later in 2005 at I-Park in East Haddam, Connecticut. He currently teaches at Mitchell College in New London, Connecticut. Garaycochea has had numerous solo art shows as well as group art exhibitions in countries such as Germany, Spain, Austria, Peru, Chile and the United States.

Guido Garaycochea | Candy Apples Field | mixed media | 30 x 40

In 2009, Garaycochea co-founded Expressiones Cultural Center in New London, Connecticut, a non-profit organization that promotes understanding between the Anglo and Hispanic communities through the arts, in order to bridge cultural differences and to showcase Latin American arts and culture.

Guido Garaycochea | The Nest | oil | 40 x 44

Garaycochea’s work is an abstraction of dire and lost dreams, using textured layers to create a sense of motion. The works are contextualized in rich history, experiences, and acknowledgement of issues past and present. He recently completed his second MFA at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, New York, and currently resides in Long Island City, NY.

Guido Garaycochea | Lost Toucans | multi media | 72 x 36″

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Guido Garaycochea with one of his paintings