Artist of the Week 9 | Bruce Niemi

Artist of the Week 9

Bruce Niemi | Seeking | 87″H x 40″W x 20″D

Bruce Niemi

Bruce Niemi is a second-generation sculptor who studied under his father, Frank J. Niemi (an ornamental iron artist and self-taught sculptor). Bruce learned how to weld at his father’s studio in 1968. His father was a major influence in the style and craftsmanship that goes into a Niemi sculpture. In 1974, Bruce entered Northern Illinois University, and graduated in 1981 with a BFA in Sculpture. He’s been welding and creating sculptures for 47 years, 29 of which have been full-time. To date, Bruce has over 54 permanent public sculptures across the United States and Europe. Bruce currently resides in Kenosha, Wisconsin, with his wife, Suzi.

Bruce Niemi | Emergence VI } Stainless Steel | 126″H x 64″W x 42″D | Wheaton, IL

Niemi describes his work as being “derived from my deep-rooted faith, my love for God who gave me this gift of creativity and the beauty and wonder of the heavens and earth He created.” Often, groupings of three will show up in Niemi’s work, as a tribute to the holy trinity.

Stainless steel and silicon bronze are the primary materials used by Niemi to create his sculptures, which he does all of his own fabrication for. Craftsmanship, structural strength, and public safety are all important elements to Niemi’s finished work.

Bruce Niemi | Lovers | Bronze, patina | 64″H x 24″W x 22″D

While creating a work, Niemi internally conceptualizes the piece, rather than ideating on paper through sketching. Drawing from his experiences in life and the universe, Niemi works from his heart, preferring an intuitive approach to making. The metal is prepared by cutting out multiple shapes, polishing, and then curving them into desired forms. Niemi manipulates these forms until they become a new sculpture, allowing the piece to evolve as it is created, and allowing new compositions to be discovered in the process, resulting in totally different finished pieces than originally planed.

“The fluidity of such a hard surface is signature in my creations and as you, the viewer, experience each piece, I hope you will discover the heavens, the earth, the wind, and a deeper spiritual, thought provoking, peaceful, timelessness that I wish to express as I create my works of art.”
-Bruce Niemi

Bruce Niemi | Protected Series | Stainless Steel | 29″H x 21″W x 21″D

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Bruce Niemi working with a sculpture