Artist of the Week 6 | Peter Arguimbau

Artist of the Week 6

Peter Arguimbau | America's Cup | oil | 25 x 43

Peter Arguimbau

Peter Layne Arguimbau paints in a specifically designed north light studio with shutters to direct the light source, modeled after the studios of the Dutch Masters. A light effect painter, Arguimbau grinds his own pigments from dry powders and cooks oil-resinous mediums to create paintings with deep, luminous transparencies, giving his work a true, old world quality. While Arguimbau paints a variety of subject matter including landscapes and animals, he specializes in powerful marinescapes featuring classic yachts.

Peter Arguimbau | Riverside | oil | 6 x 16

Born in Darien, Connecticut, Arguimbau studied at the Loomis Chaffee and Vassar College, then went on to study under Frank Mason at the Art Students League of New York for 14 years. He would study the old masters in museums across Europe and America to learn their techniques.

Arguimbau has received numerous awards for his work, which hang in prestigious private and corporate collections all over the world. He currently maintains a personal gallery in Greenwich, Connecticut, and continues to work in his 1850's chestnut barn studio.

Peter Arguimbau | Tall Gaff Class Windward | oil | 25 x 43

Arguimbau paints a wide variety of subject matter, including yachts, portraits, animals, institutions, and old master copies. Due to his exceptional knowledge of the chemistry behind painting, Arguimbau also restores vintage paintings, returning the transparent glazes without disturbing the original painting.

Peter Arguimbau | Evening Reflections | oil | 30 x 40

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Peter Arguimbau

Peter Arguimbau working in his studio