Artist of the Week 5 | John Traynor

Artist of the Week 5

John Traynor | Sounds of Summer | oil | 30 x 24

John Traynor

John C. Traynor pursued formal art training at the Paier College of Art in New Haven and figure painting with Frank Mason at the Art Students League of New York. Traynor continued to study landscape painting in Vermont with Mr. Mason, drawing with Carroll N. Jones, Jr., of Stowe, Vermont, and sculpture with Brother Jerome Cox in Florence, Italy.

John Traynor | Ribeauville France | oil | 9 x 12

Traynor’s style is reminiscent of some of the 19th century French painters and the Dutch Masters. He uses soft and hard edges selectively to create a sense that moisture fills the air surrounding the objects he paints. Traynor is the recipient of over two hundred awards of merit for his art, including the Frank Dumont Memorial Award for best light and atmospheric effect in a painting. His work is enjoyed in numerous private, public, and museum collections in the United States.

John Traynor | A Bridge Between Worlds | oil | 12 x 9

“Since my landscape training in Stowe, Vermont, I have felt comfortable painting in New England, which is why I moved to New Hampshire when I was twenty-six. Through the years, I also have felt very comfortable painting in Ireland. I took my first painting trip to Ireland at the age of eighteen, and I have since made thirty-five trips there. I traveled through Ireland for two months on a bike pulling a large cart filled with camping and painting supplies. I biked eight hours a day, stopping to paint when something struck me.”
-John Traynor

In addition to his trips to Ireland, Traynor has travelled to Holland, Italy, Scotland, Austria, France, England, Israel and Hawaii to further his painting practice. He currently resides in New England with his wife, Liz. The many gardens surrounding their home inspire John’s paintings.

John Traynor | Evening Ride Venice | oil | 12 x 16

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John Traynor Plein Air painting