Artist of the Week 7 | Jeff Faust

Artist of the Week 7

Jeff Faust | Floating | acrylic | 36 x 24

Jeff Faust

Jeff Faust was exposed to art at a very young age, and started painting shortly after. Self-taught, Faust opposed the lack of freedom a formal education in art would give him. His paintings host an array of styles, of which he likes to call “subtle surrealism.” With a preference for certain objects like clouds, ropes, leaves, bowls and birds, Faust creates beauty and mystery out of everyday things.

Jeff Faust | Haiku with Clouds | acrylic | 40 x 30

By the time he was in high school, Faust was exposing himself to the art literature of his parents’ library, taking particular influence from Joan Miro, Magritte, and Dali. Faust passed on a formal art education out of both a negative critique by his father on what was happening in art schools, and a personal strong sense of “wanting to do it on my own.”

A California native and resident, Faust continues to assemble his paintings in his studio, often working in long stretches on multiple paintings simultaneously. He and his wife, Jan, reside in Claremont on the outskirts of Los Angeles.

Jeff Faust | A Small Timepiece | acrylic | 36 x 24

“The process of painting is, for me, an attempt to integrate elements that reside in my mind into a sort of visual poem- a visual form of the written word. I feel a need to share these ideas in my mind, to make them visible.

“I use acrylics because they work perfectly for me. I work fast and change my ideas a lot. There’s not a set script. They offer me tremendous freedom. My work produces thoughts, so when I’m working, my work is producing more thoughts.”
-Jeff Faust

Jeff Faust | Through the Quiet Trees | acrylic | 36 x 48

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Jeff Faust in his studio